Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My little snarly pup

It's been nearly seven weeks since Viper disappeared. I've been waiting for when I feel 'ready' to put her things away...with her dishes in the kitchen, her clothes in their drawer, and her toys all around. Maggie will inherit the toys. I have a big bag of premium small dog if you want it, just let me know. I don't want it to go to waste!

I've been working on a few major projects for Finian Road, and was looking back through my old image files. I found these, and remembered just why I loved this little pup so much.

She wasn't afraid of anything.

It was New Year's 2007, a few weeks before I met Jonathan. We were out at Mom and Dad's house. Yes, she was wearing layers. A fleece dog shirt and an orange dog polo. It was cold.

I ♥ these photos. They are of Viper and Gina, when Gina was still a younger pup. Gina had what, 30 pounds over her?

May we all have that fighting spirit when it's needed! :)

Miss you, Viper!


Pam said...

i was so hoping i would hear from you that you found her........Pam

Noreen said...

What a great post. An indominable spirit, indeed. You know that lives on in your house. I'd take you up on the dog food if I didn't live so stinking far away. I am so glad you have such great photos.

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