Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celebrating Six Months

It's so hard to believe the Wee Ski is six months old. As I finished his letter, I realized why life feels like it is moving so quickly - because it is.

We did so much in the last month. So many firsts: Relays, weddings, Fr. David's ordination, more traveling. Loving sharing these moments with him - and so glad that I'm writing them down. I realize I sound like an old record now - but I am loving having these pages finished each month as he grows.

I love how it feels to add the new spreads to his book each month as I have them printed.

Same format (using Ali Edwards' Grid No. 2 Layered Templates [above] and the Bread + Butter w/Story of Today overlays and Loving Life Word Art [below]). Papers this month come from Mindy Terasawa's STOMP! Kit.

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KCina said...

Love reading your posts first thing on Monday mornings! ;-)

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