Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Mother's Day

Our first true Mother's Day as a family.

Last year, at this time, we surprised my mom with the news that she would be a grandma for the second time. A few days earlier, I spent an afternoon at the cemetery, telling Grandma Ski that she, too, would be a grandma...for the first time.

A gift last Mother's Day to those who raised both Jonathan and me...a special gift, because both Jonathan and I were special blessings to our moms.

I was a selfless gift given to a mom who could not bear her own children. Each year, especially on Mother's Day, my mom always prayed to thank my birthmom for her willingness to give me life, as she also did with my brother's birthmom.

Jonathan was a long awaited surprise, as my in-laws did not expect to be able to bear children.

We were raised with lots of moms - from my birthmom to the moms who raised us to the moms who stepped in when Jonathan's mom passed away to the Blessed Mother herself.

So when it came time to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mom, it only made sense that this day wasn't only about me. In fact, I am only the newest mom in Thomas's world. My hope is that he will choose to not only honor me as a mom (when his decisions are more expansive than "what fist should I shove in my mouth?"), but both his grandmas, "auntie-moms", and Christ's mom as well.

When Jonathan asked what I wanted to do was simply to spend time with our moms. That would be the best way to honor my Mother's Day.

We brought flowers to Pioneer Cemetery, where Thomas learned about his Grandma Ski. We talked and cried and prayed.

And Thomas showed off his fist-in-the-mouth trick. It's harder for Papa to do.

By the time we reached brunch with Grandma Mauss, the Wee Ski needed a nap. he could be all smiles after lunch with Grandma.

"You mean I can't stay all day with her?"

And a squeeze kiss to the wee one.

To my own mom...
Thank you for loving me when I wasn't all that lovable. You are a gift to me and to my family. Thank you for being such a caring grandma to our little one, who loves you with all his wee heart.

To Mary...
Thank you for the gift of my husband, of whom you would be so proud. He's a fantastic husband and father: patient, loving and forgiving. He's given me such a gift in our son...which would never have been possible without his life given by you.


KCina said...

What a wonderful day for all of you!!!

Darn Shelley, you really should warn folks, I always end up crying (happy tears) when I read your blog in the wee hours of the morning! (At least I'm not at work yet)!

So glad your first Mother's Day was so special, they just keep getting better and better!

Have a great week!
~ Kathy

Elizabeth Ann said...

I have to agree.... the tears are flowing.

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