Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the trees

From snow on the farm to 74 degrees in ten days.

The Wee Ski is getting better at holding his head up, so we headed out into the tree fields in the Baby Bjorn. The three of us get to disconnect from the rest of the world and just connect with each other.

{Well, not fully disconnect, we did bring our Nike+'s to attempt to start to catch up to Rich and Liz. So disconnect...just enough.}

Thomas turns three months old tomorrow.

I love his peaceful little face below.

Especially contrasted with his amazing wake-up-the-farm rooster cries when he is ready to get up. :)


KCina said...

he's just SO stinkin' cute!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The look on both your faces seems too say 'what more could possibly right with the world' - I love it. Total peace and love. What more could anyone ask for in life...

Brenda said...

Such cute pics! I love them.

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