Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shark attack

We woke up this morning to snow on the farm. The snow was beginning to fall pretty significantly. Big, giant, beautiful flakes.

First, exasperation. Snow, again?

Then, the thought that we can bundle Thomas up and take him out into the huge, falling flakes. Serious excitement. On my part, not on the part of the husband who wants to stay asleep.

By the time Thomas is ready to go, it's raining through the snow.

Exasperation again.

So I opted for bath time. We're up anyway, right?

After he was all clean, I bundled him up in his shark towel, and took him to his Papa, who was very glad to still be inside, under covers. And the Wee Shark curled up next to the Papa Shark.

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Jenn & Noah said...

oh that is just TOOOOOO cute!!! =) and by the way, we did the same thing... decided to get kealani in her snow pants to go out and play in the giant flakes, but by the time she was ready, it was all rain! grrrrrrr...

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