Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My little Valentine

For Valentine's Day...Mom and Dad gave us a great gift. They offered to babysit Thomas while we went out to dinner at Spiro's in the Harbor.

This weekend is more than just Valentine's Day for us. It's the 'anniversary' of our first date. We went out on the Monday night of Presidents Day Weekend in Spiros.

Then we went out the next night, and the next. We each had other plans on the Thursday night, but then went out Friday night, I met his extended family on Saturday, and he met mine on Sunday.

He proposed just three short months later.

Something that most people don't know, but that I disclosed in the infamous "25 things" on Facebook, was that we met online. First through Catholic Match and then through Match.

The night we met, we both knew that this was something different.

Little did we know that two years later - on that same weekend - we would be dropping off our baby boy to the grandparents...heading to the same booth at the restaurant that we sat in that night.

Tonight was the first night since Thomas had been born that it was just us. We needed that time together. To date each other. To be husband and wife. It was perfect. And just what we needed.

How did I know that Mom and Dad were ready for Thomas?

Check out the doormat to the room where he would sleep. Mind you -- this is my old bedroom. Funny how the kids are forgotten when the grandkids arrive. :)

My Aunt Darcy found that perfect mat for them. :)

Grandpa and Thomas had some good bonding time.

A look at the differences in our choice of 'beverage' right now...

Thomas met the canaries. Thankfully, he is pretty conditioned to animals going crazy, so the canaries and their singing didn't bother him.

Grandma and the sleepy one...

The sunset over the bay, just before we left for Spiros...

And it was a wild and crazy night at the Grandparents. This is what we returned to...

Thanks, Mom and Dad. We needed that. We are so grateful that you are there for our son. We love you!


KCina said...

LOVE THIS POST!!! Welcome to the 21st century---more people I know that have been married in the last 5 years have met their spouse via on-line. Just look at Victor & I... (that's all I'm saying).

Keeping DATE NIGHT is SO important! You guys remember that, even during the height of Relay season!!!

Happy Tuesday! ;-)

Jenn & Noah said...

good for you guys! and i agree with the last person that posted on here, make sure to keep up on those date night and MAKE them happen frequently. it's easy to forget how you even got that little boy of yours -- but it's because you TWO came first. =)

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