Sunday, January 25, 2009

A weekend of firsts...

  • First 50+ mile road trip.
  • First photo shoot, as a junior assistant to his papa, who was my driver. :)
  • First friend who is his age (see above mentioned photo shoot, who was born three days after Thomas). Images to come on the Finian Road's blog.
  • First (and second) restaurant adventure.
  • First snowfall on the ground.
  • First photo with his proud Grandpa Tom, outside the hospital.
  • First trip to Mass at St. Columban.
  • First long afternoon nap with Papa.
  • First two nights of a 'routine' before bed - bath, snack time, reading a story (Last night was Our Father from his awesome Auntie Kat, and tonight was Fireman from his sweet fire department aunties, Chief Rita and Commissioner Kathleen), and laying down for bed.

Tonight, we are hoping for more sleep than last night and the night before, combined. :)

One can hope.


Elizabeth Ann said...

What a proud looking grandpa!

Unknown said...

get ready for a life full of firsts! they only get more exciting as time goes along. what a great picture

Anonymous said...

I love the fluffy booties! And isn't that Soothie paci THE BEST? We hoarded them before we left NICU :-)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to know that you got our package :)

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