Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Surprise Face

"You mean I don't have to go to the doctor this week? No pokies? Ooooohhh!"

After visiting Healthy Future Pediatrics every 2 or 3 days for a week (4 appts in all!), Thomas is finally cleared until his first month appointment! He is almost back to his birth weight (should be slightly more by now), his platelet count is way up (yea!), and all signs of his jaundice are nearly gone. They have taken such good care of him. We're really glad that Dr. Lindgren is his pediatrician.

Thomas is eating like a little champ and we just celebrated 24 hours straight without a formula supplement. We started breaking in his new polarfleece pouch yesterday from Kangaroo Korner. I am joining the trend of moms who wear their babies. :) He's completely content when wrapped up inside it. Love that.

Lots of little projects in between feedings today - finishing his thank you notes, starting to get his baby announcements in the mail, and working on the shelves in his room. Hope to finish a page or two in his baby book as well. Loving the new baby brushes from Ali Edwards in her Designer Digitals shop (used above in the photo).

Since it's not snowing for the first time in several days, thinking it's a good day to introduce Thomas to the tree fields. I'm thinking the dogs are long overdue for a good walk out there!


KCina said...

He is just TOO stinkin' cute! Glad things are continuing to go so well and Thomas is back to his birth weight! Can't wait to see the pages you are working on for his baby book!

Take care - Kathy

Elizabeth Ann said...

The baby book.

andrea said...

Shelley, He is SO cute. I just love his face! XOXO

Karen said...

He is such a cutie! Love the page you made... Thanks for the enabling, too. I ran right over to buy Ali's brushes. They're PERFECT for adoption, too, which not all baby products are. Love that! (((HUGS!!!)))

Angie said...

Comment from Aidan, "wow, Thomas really is a cute baby and that's the truth because Miss Rassilyer (his kidergarten teacher) said lies make Jesus cry." I have to say I agree with Aidan -- Thomas is adorable!

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