Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weeks 1 and 2

It's been just two short weeks since Thomas was born. One week since we all woke up at home for the first time. Given that most of my time right now is broken down into two hour blocks, things right now are most easily organized into bits + pieces instead of reflections. :)

Here goes, in honor of Thomas's two week birthday. A little of life with him, life now on the farm, and life in general.
  • Time seems to now all mesh together. The easiest way that I always kept track of my schedule was how things related to my time at the office - the one constant over the last ten years. It's no surprise that I'm not entirely sure what day it is (a phenomenon that I've never encountered before). I've never had more than 2 weeks off, so the thought of 13 weeks of maternity still seems surreal, especially given that there are only 11 left.
  • Thomas is finally gaining weight - which we are thrilled about. When he left the hospital, his weight kept dropping, so he was put on an every-two-hour feeding schedule to get him back up to speed. It reminds me of "Three Men and a Baby"...
    "The book says to feed the baby every two hours, but do you count from when you start or when you finish? It takes me two hours to get her to eat, and by the time she's done, it's time to start again, so that I'm feeding her all the time."
  • With the c-section, I'm not allowed behind the wheel for six weeks until my stitches heal. It's honestly been sixteen years since I've had to find rides it's definitely been an adjustment given that we don't live near anything. I am so appreciative of everyone who has been there to take me to the pediatrician and hospital as needed. Thank you, ladies. You have no idea how much that has helped us so Jonathan doesn't have to take time off to get us places.
  • So excited to see when Wee DeWeese makes his entrance into the world.
  • Jonathan has been such a super star. The other night, when he got home, he asked what he needed to do to help me 'feel normal' again. I replied with 'sleep and brownies' after I woke up from my nap with Thomas taken care of, there was a fresh batch of brownies coming out of the oven. A little piece of sleepless heaven.
  • Thomas is such a good little baby. He is so patient with Viper who keeps running over him. He is starting to develop facial expressions that are hysterical and sleeps so peacefully when he's down for a nap.
  • I am addicted to these nursing tops from Glamourmom. So incredibly comfortable.
  • I can't believe this blog post has been open for nearly 9 hours before I published it. It was finished in 4 different blocks of time. :)
  • We've polished off about 105 diapers since Thomas came home. Yes, that is about 13 per day. Not that I'm counting.


Anonymous said...

Thomas is one of the most precious babies I have ever seen pictures of. I was thinking of trying to come down and visit one weekend, but I dont want to overwelm you or take up too much time. Let me know if there is a weekend that isnt too busy.....Did you get my package this week?
Love Kat

Anonymous said...

I miss the tiny stage!!

(I don't miss the sleeplessness but the tiny cute floppy baby? YUM)

Anonymous said...

Could this baby be any cuter?

Only Shelley could get such a perfect smiley baby shot. I'm swooning.

The Wee DeWeese will hopefully arrive soon for his playdate. We can't wait.

Sending lots and lots of love your way ...

Ireland said...

105 diapers! 13 a day! Wow. Tell Papa Ski not to get ride of the dumpster yet.

I am new to this blogging world, but thanks to Shelly Sprouffske I am now addicted.

Hope to see the "3" of you soon!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Do you have the diaper info on a spread sheet for easy access and ability to make a pie chart or bar graph if necessary?

Showalters said...

I love this pic! He looks just like you Shelley; adorable!

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