Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reason #47

...that I am glad Thomas is a boy.

I don't have to learn how to do pigtails. The punk rocker spiked look is so much easier.


KCina said...

Oh my goodness! This is SO stinkin' cute...His little grin and his punked out hair that looks like he has little baby highlights! ;-)

KCina said...

And YES, be thankful you don't have to do the piggy tail thing....Charlie still doesn't like either one of us trying to put her hair in piggy tails (I wish she did), she looks pretty darn cute with them in her hair!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Oh I bet you could do pigtails! You were so good with Paige when she needed to borrow makeup for Halloween a few years back! :)

He is so cute- I may have to come out and visit soon!

Anonymous said...

haha...i wish avila had that much hair!


Anonymous said...

Wow - Thomas has so much hair it isn't fair to the rest of us (like our family) who work until 3 years old to match his birth stage! Holly and I are so happy for you two!! And Shelley - your blog is amazing as is your creativity-this is my first look. Enjoy each day with your new miracle as I know you will. Grandpa Tom is sooo proud. Jim and Holly

Angie said...

This is tremendously late, but you have been on my thoughts so much lately! Congrats to you two on your beautiful baby boy. Your faith is inspiring and as always, I'm in awe of you. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, kids aren't all that cute when they are just born. But the glow worm is just crazy cute. Those can you resist a pinch. Congrats again! - MarieB

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