Monday, January 19, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Just after Thomas was born, Jonathan's aunties came to the hospital and couldn't get over how much Thomas resembles Jonathan as a we started going through some old photos.

Though Jonathan is a few weeks older compared to Thomas in the images below, I absolutely love seeing how much the Wee Ski looks like the original Ski:


Jenn & Noah said...

oh wow! isn't that amazing! truly a miracle from God...

KCina said... father like son!!!

Continuing to send lots of virtual hugs & prayers your way. My best advice...SLEEP when he is SLEEPING! The laundry, dishes, etc can wait (of course I don't think you are suppose to be doing those anyway with the c-section)!

~ Kathy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow...they really DO look alike! :-)

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