Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Baby Scrapbook • Images from the Maternity Shoot

When we were in Hawaii, Angus was between 32-33 weeks.

I realized how much I was turning in my mom when I was packing our suitcases...bringing 3 sets of Christmas cards to work on (ours, Mom and Dad's, and the ones from our team at the office), tree shindig invites, the snoogle, my camera goodies for a maternity shoot, and books to tide us over while we were there...our clothing was actually combined and tucked into one smaller suitcase so we could use the others for "stuff".

Jonathan and Dad had a heyday with that. Especially with the fact that one carry-on was close to 50 pounds and I left that in Jonathan's trusty hands. He earned major bonus points for hauling that thing everywhere on the flight down!

I had actually used the phrase, "Jonathan, isn't it great that we have one last trip before we have to haul a ton of baby gear wherever we go?" He rolled his eyes and reminded me how lucky I was to have married him. :)

With the color of Hawaii, I didn't convert the images to black and white, I just simplified the layouts to keep the focus on the images and the journaling.

I am pretty addicted to Ali Edwards' templates to speed up the process for his scrapbook: both of these layouts are from her December Daily Template Package. I simply removed the holiday-related layers. The 2008 is from her stacked date brushes.

As always, you can click on the images to be able to read the journaling better. :)


KCina said...

Awesome photos (great job Jonathan) and wonderful pages to always cherish and remind you of LBA (life before Angus)...Happy New Year!
~ Kathy

Maureen said...

These photos really are beautiful. :)

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