Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year in Photos: 2008

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It is so hard to believe that this year is almost over! This week marks a number of significant moments (several which are blog-worthy on their own) -- from the feast of the Holy Family to our first wedding anniversary to Merrill's last day as an independent company, to the waiting for Angus's arrival.

Pulling together the images that described this year best...
  • Top row (l-r)
    Jonathan and I on our honeymoon in the Cook Islands; a sunset there; the lunar eclipse; Rachael, Stella and me at the March For Life; Vickie, Stella and I making wine; and the first fire I built all on my own in our wood stove.
  • 2nd row
    The birth of my niece; Avila, Debbie and I doing all things Relay; Maggie chilling in the snow; Jonathan's birthday at the Mariners' game, a rainbow on the farm; a bunch of us superheroes at the Relay at the Univ. of Nevada
  • 3rd row
    The infamous four month anniversary - where we learned we were pregnant; Lindsay's 30th birthday; CTM Relaying as the #1 team in Thurston County; us with all our awards; Angus's ultrasound, and the hybrid
  • 4th row
    Mom, Dad and the dogs & Jonathan and me for our Christmas photos; Pat Flynn and I at the Leadership Summit (with her cutout!), my little cousin's Brandon's football game, Angie and I at the fundraising national meeting for Relay in St. Louis, and the doggies for Halloween
  • 5th row
    In Hawaii: my maternity shoot, Mom and Dad, Jonathan and me; Mark, Kathy and I at Relay U in Portland; the girls and I at the baby shower they threw me; and Jonathan, my fearless tree ninja
  • Bottom row
    Avila as Santa, the tree shindig; the treehouse fire; the snowstorm that stopped the northwest; Austin and Paige; and J & me on Christmas morning
What I realize is how blessed I am with an incredible husband, a loving family, second family, and amazing friends. Our lives would not be what they are without these.

I can't wait to see what 2009 holds for us.


Elizabeth Ann said...

Have I told you how absolutely adorable you look being pregnant?
I love your header and the pregnancy shots in your year in photos.

KCina said...

How cool is this!!!

Okay, so I'm guessing that Baby Angus isn't making his appearance in the next 16 hours.

Happy New Year my friend! You'll soon be a mommy!!!

~ Kathy

Karen said...

This is SUCH a cool layout... I love that there are RFL shots in almost every row! You look so adorable preggers... I can't wait to see pics of Angus soon!


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