Sunday, January 4, 2009

And on her birthday...

...a special birthday greeting for my mom.

Though her grandson is a bit stubborn and not quite ready to face the world outside the womb...he will be here soon.

I'll never forget when we told Mom that Baby Ski's due date was on her birthday...her response was, "Did you do plan that for me?!?"

Um, yes. Your birthday was the first thing on our minds at the time! :)

We celebrated last night at the Tokyo Steakhouse with Mom and Dad, and Mike, Kristine and Avila. Mom is such a good grandma, and she absolutely loves it. She loved watching Avila's eyes light up as the chef flamed up the grill. And then squeezing her tight when Avila decided she didn't like the flames that much.

Mom called the other night, and her voicemail said, "Shelley? Just wanted to let you know I finished watching "Knocked Up" last night with the gal from Grey's Anatomy. And I just wanted to remind you that I really want to be there when Angus is born, so don't forget to call me!"

Don't worry, Mom! :)

Wishing you a fantastic birthday, and hopefully a birthday week where you get to hold your newborn grandson in your arms!

We love you!

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