Monday, January 5, 2009

The Surprise...from Above

We've had no "deliveries" over the weekend, except for this special delivery which arrived on Friday night.

This is Baby Ski's handmade baby afghan...finished more than five years before his birth.

It's the last project that his Grandma Ski made before she passed away in January 2004 from cancer. Made especially for her grandchild that she would never meet this side of heaven, she tucked in a rubber ducky, plastic keys like the ones Jonathan had when he was little, and tiny blue (!) booties and wrapped it as a surprise for her son for whenever he would have children.

With the help of Auntie Karen, who helped Grandma Mary pull everything together and then kept the gift both safe and secret since the end of was hand delivered a few nights ago just before Baby Ski's due date.

I remember the day after we found out we were pregnant - a little over eight months ago - and I found myself at her grave in Lacey, telling her all about what was happening. Wishing that she could be there. Knowing that she already knew - even if from heaven.

And then receiving a gift from her because she knew this day would come, even if she couldn't be there to welcome Baby Ski to this earth...her thoughtfulness and care shines through five years later.

Though the tears have come pretty frequently each time we see the afghan hanging on the bassinet, waiting for the birth, it's then that I realize that she is here in a million different ways through her son, Jonathan, my husband.

And that's the best gift that Baby Ski could ask for.


Elizabeth Ann said...

Note to self: when passing on this beautiful story to your mom, do not do it as a "by the way" while walking into Target- there are many tears and people have a tendency to stare......

I love this story! (especially the blue booties!)

And I love your "deliveries" comment. So clever my friend!

KCina said...

Oh boy, you really do need to "warn" us before we read updates like this. I'm a blubbering mess (and I'm at work no less)....

What a wonderful "delivery" surprise. ;-)

Okay Baby Ski..the time is now...

Danielle Hawes said...

This is so special!!!

Vickie said...

That truely is amazing. I knew Jonathan's parents must have been great, simply based upon Jonathan. But that really is amazing. What a blessing. I can only imagine how much that means to both of you.

Noreen said...

This is an amazing story, reflected in a deserving family. What a blessing you all are to one another. We are all just lucky to watch your story unfold and to know you. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a neat, neat thing to do. She sounds like an incredible woman, and how special that it was a surprise for you now right before Thomas arrived. I loved reading this!

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