Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's showering...

...just in time for Angus's arrival!

Vickie, Stella, Kristine, and Lindsay (who snuck out just before this photo) threw Angus a fantastic shower yesterday. It was one of the first times that it really began to sink in that he's some point in the near future, he will be on the outside of the womb...and not just kicking from the inside!

It was so good to catch up with everyone (a combo of the estrogen militia, table 10 and my fam)...with our crazy schedules this fall, I felt like it'd been ages since I'd seen a number of people! It reminded me just how lucky we are to be surrounded by such amazing and loving friends. We are so incredibly blessed.

I actually brought the camera AND shot a bit with here are some glimpses of what was had...starting with food. Come on, seriously. That's where every pregnant chick starts.

Lindsay brought down these to-die-for cupcakes from west Seattle...

While Liz made this melt-in-your mouth gluten-free lemon bars...

And there were treats from my mom's favorite shop on earth (Metropolitan Market), where everyone knows her name...

I loved this gift bag from Angus's aunt Kristine...that's Angus and Avila together... :)

And after the infamous toilet paper diaper game (which is modeled after the toilet paper wedding dress game) beautiful little niece, Avila. Her grandma and Becky were responsible for this interpretive diaper...down to the headdress, in case she wants to rub her head in it. :)

Shot by my fabulous photog friend, Kili...

Most of the other diaper pics will stay off the internet (because at eight months pregnant, I don't run as fast as I used to, and most of the gals would be chasing me. But it should be noted that Kate and Sandra Q's bum ruffles were just beautiful.)

And one of the best surprises of the day...Crystal...not only modeling some fantastic diaper wear, but framing her growing little one underneath her fingers. Angus will have a playmate come next spring!!

Thank you, ladies, for a great much fun!

And way funner than today's 8 hour crash course in labor and delivery...but that, of course, is a post for another day... :)


Nancy E said...

Happy Shower! You are truly glowing - oh gorgeous one - pregnancy looks very good on you! Thinking about you - - Your friend nancy

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous!

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