Friday, August 3, 2007

the wedding party: lindsay

exactly two years ago today, i was three days into my 500-day photo project. one of the very first questions from lindsay was "what about me? where's my special page?" it should come as no surprise that two nights ago, at the melting pot, one of the very first questions lindsay asked about our wedding was "when's my feature page going up? what about me?"

so here it is.

meet lindsay, a bridesmaid in the wedding.

she's seen all over my blogs. here. and here. and here. and here and here. and all of these here.

above, lindsay as a superhero in 2005. in many ways, she is definitely a superhero to me.

though she and i went to st. charles and bellarmine together and knew each other, our friendship really grew in the early part of this decade (wow, we sound old) when we both volunteered with the st. charles high school youth group.

sidenote from our youth group days...when discussing the wedding cake a week or so ago, lindsay offered the following idea as a cake alternative:

why doesn't everyone bring a cupcake to the reception? you can have them find the person whose cupcake looks like everyone else's, and it will be a great icebreaker!

ahh, icebreakers. the joy of high school youth ministry.

sometimes i'm amazed that we get along so well, seeing as we're both off-the-chart lions. strong leaders, good decision makers, and competitive. [though, by many people's accounts, you could also translate that to pushy, aggressive, and bossy - which i know lindsay and i both can attest for - :) ]

to me - lindsay's been a friend, confidant, roommate, sounding board, supporter, an organizer of my kitchen and sister in christ. she taught me the joy of singing out loud wherever i am, a trait that jonathan hates. when she lived at my house, she would sing anything - show tunes, classical songs, songs from Mass, oldies, and belt out a few verses from journey every so often. good thing she's a chorale director.

when she lived with me, one of my neighbors stopped me one day and said, "i just love working in my front yard ever since that girl moved in with you. the street's always been so quiet, but i always hear you two laughing together in your living room, and it makes our street joyful."

it was during that summer in 2003 that she and i came up with the idea of the girls group - aptly titled "the estrogen militia" by michael g since we never invited him along to things. the photo below is from our first retreat in 2003 at cannon beach - where we rented a giant house on the ocean and bonded.

and her fashion skills are incredible. :) (august 2004)

linds, i am so honored that you will be standing up with us on our wedding day. you are a blessing to me in my life, and i am so grateful to you for your friendship. i love you.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow you have a lot of pictures of me!!!! I'm a little frightened because I know there must be more... thanks for showing only the decent ones :) I am honored to be a part of your wedding day! If anyone deserved to find a true soulmate, it's you. I promise to do my best to stay out of the way that day and be as quiet as I can... no guarantees in the meantime though!- Lindsay

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I remember that Canon Beach photo like it was yesterday, it's hard to believe how fast time passes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsay- you are such a doll. what a great smile and you have so much energy. It's great to be back in touch with you. I really enjoyed all the fun pictures of you. This is going to be a fun wedding...

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