Monday, September 1, 2008

A glimpse into Labor Day weekend

A packed weekend. A number of things to do and get caught up we were driving home tonight, Jonathan was asking when his weekend began. :)

Started the weekend with a big house prep project at my house in the north end. Thanks to our angels, the Brownrices, we made a ton of progress in getting the house ready to sell. Lots of fresh paint (especially fabulous looking on the ceiling), new lighting fixtures, climbing vines, and nearly everything moved out in preparation for new carpet. We have a goal of a listing date that moves closer with each passing day...and with our angels, things are rolling.

Liz and I had an adventure at Home Depot - where we learned that a post-ankle surgery gal with a crutch and a crabby pregnant lady are a force to be reckoned with. Thankfully, everyone at the store escaped unharmed, and we made it home in less time than it took to originally build the house.

Jonathan and Rich were quickly emptying the remaining closets and rooms, and prepping it for paint. Sandy, Paige, and Lon joined in with extra hands for the rooms...and I'll tell you...whoever is lucky enough to buy the house inherits the world's best neighbors. I kid you not.

There should be a premium on the house just for that bonus. The Brownrice Premium.

You guys are such a blessing to us. Thank you.

Yesterday, we headed out to Star of the Sea in Bremerton for Mass with Fr. Lappe, and then over to Mom and Dad's for a mini-staycation at their house. We played games, dealt with the thunderstorm that blew the doors open (and scared the dogs, but Avila remained asleep), and when the skies cleared...took our Christmas photos just as it began raining again.

It had been two years since we all gathered together for a formal Christmas photo, so with the wind, rain and lightning, we knew any break in the weather would be a blessing. Things had changed a bit since that last time in front of the camera...but one thing remains the same.

My mom is hilarious to take photos of.

And she has the best quotes. You really should click on the link above for some classic "Big K" moments.

And now, Dad is up for grandpa of the year, with his helpful "behind the scenes to make Avila laugh" monkey calling. Honest to God, we probably sounded a little bit like One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Kristine snagged this shot that I love of Doc and me together. It's really rare that we're both in the photo, and someone else is taking it. :)

...and Mike was busy sneaking Avila onto the rock in the water. It's okay to be jealous, our niece is about the cutest little girl there is. Not that we're biased, of course, but well, the truth's the truth. You'll have to check the blog over at Finian Road soon for her six-month photos. Then you'll really be jealous. :)

To preface this really need to see the original, taken the day after Mike and Kristine's wedding in August 2006. Then you'll understand how much their world has changed since the original pic!

We finished up at the house in Tacoma for more painting and cleaning out. The reward? An afternoon at the Rainiers with Kate and John in the VIP section, thanks for Kate. All the beer and wine you could drink (Jonathan and John appreciated this more than Kate and I did) as well as a BBQ field-side that was just what we needed. The world finds out in a little over a week whether Baby Angus will have a friend or a girlfriend...when Kate has her ultrasound!

And now begins our three day weekend. What's left of it anyway!

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