Thursday, August 28, 2008

Top Five of Today's Happies

Finding John Deere fruit snacks at Safeway.
In the shape of tractors and suns and gators and barns and bulldozers.

Jonathan taking Viper to Capital City Grooming for a haircut.
Never mind that it took him 20 minutes to get her out from underneath the bed so they could leave. I'm pretty sure he had to fake a visitor at the front door so she would come out.

A super clean glass top stovetop.
Thanks to Elise's advice (of the extended Ski family in Iowa), I used a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda...and all the baked on ickiness dissolved away. I literally have been staring at the stove now for 15 minutes. It's that pretty.

38.6 miles per gallon today.
I realize I am geeking out on this. That's OK. If P. Diddy can go on YouTube to complain about paying $200,000 to fill up his personal jet, then I can be happy with an extra 12 MPG.

Fresh cucumbers from the Brownrices' garden.

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