Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday morning goodness

A few things that I love right now...

Stainless steel wipes
Mom sent us home with a can of these, and they are a little piece of stainless steel heaven on earth. Perfect for getting rid of streaks and fingerprints on the new appliances. So much better than the spray I was using.

Simply Lemonade
The best lemonade ever. Way better than Newman's Own. In fact, it was the secret weapon in the fabulously yummy lemon drops at the wedding reception. You could use a recipe to get the right mix of sugar and lemon juice....or you could cheat and use this. :) 3 parts Simply Lemonade to 1 part vodka, with a sugared rim.

Bruschetta & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Changed the recipe a bit, based on what I had. Didn't have italian style diced tomatoes, so I used regular and added a teaspoon of italian seasoning from the dressing mix packet. Used basic fat free italian dressing in place of the roasted red pepper. Turned out beautifully. The Brownrices would be proud. :)

Pre de Provence soaps
I originally started using these back in the day of Garden Botanika. The first ones I used (and loved) were verbena and lavender. Verbena was the best for shaving. My current favorites? Newly released pineapple and pomegranate. The bars last forever and don't lose their scent. And Metropolitan carries most all of them!

And after some amazingly hot weather (in the 90s on the farm), waking up to pouring rain is the best. I listened to it for nearly a half hour and fell back asleep.

Today, Maggie's going into the groomer for the first time since she's been on the farm...and that, is doggy goodness. The epitome of Tuesday morning goodness.


Elizabeth Ann said...

You are right, I am so very proud! (insert tears of joy here)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I've never tried the "Simply Lemonade", but I love their orange juice. I'll have to give the lemonade a try, especially this summer since it's so freakin hot here in Phoenix. I will also have to give the stainless steel wipes a try...our appliances seriously never look clean, and we don't even have kids yet!!! :-)

andrea said...

aaaahhhh, you had a GB moment - i love it! i still buy those soaps too - my oldtime and still current fave, the Milk soap. Smells divine.

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