Thursday, May 15, 2008

Snuggly bunny

As seen on the drive home from Critter Clippers in Gig Harbor.

One of my favorite things is right after a haircut, when she curls up into a tiny ball...which would have been impossible with her previously giant mane of hair.

I love this.


liz said...

and we loved puppy sitting!

M&M Spies said...

well i'm glad you had her hair professionally cut instead of trying to shave it (or butcher it) yourself... I remember that blog. :-)

She looks ADORABLE!!

shelley said...

I can admit it. I can do a lot of things, but dog grooming is pretty close to the bottom of my list of strengths. Doesn't she look better when I trust the professionals?!? :)

michelle patrick said...

lol...very cute little doggie, beautifully groomed. Reminds me of the little black lassa-poo I had growing up. I miss having a little dog to sit on my lap! I'll have to remedy that one of these days.....

noreen said...

Way too cute.

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