Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brace yourself...

...for snow white fluffiness.

To preface...
Yesterday, we got a voice mail from one of the neighbors. "Maggie stuck her head through the barb wire fence, got stuck, and our dogs went after her face." It was a tough afternoon for Mags. Afterwards, she was confined to the kitchen with Viper and me. She slept in front of the fan to cool down and the right side of her face swelled up. You just wanted to give her a big big hug.

But today...she's transformed. All cleaned up, swelling gone. Her fur is washed, brushed, and fluffed. It is heavenly.

God made white Akitas. God made doggy groomers. And it was good.

Check out our four-legged brood...Maggie is refueling on 3 gallons of water after being at the groomers. Viper is sniffing her "new dog" smell.

It's a little like a new car smell, but fluffier.

Viper gets points for being the bravest (or the dumbest) dog ever.

And the two as they run up the hillside, toward the lower fields (and the aforementioned "fence dogs"). It should be noted that they are responding to our calls by running the other direction.

Good dog.


Maureen said...

she looks so pretty!

Randy and Diane said...

Poor baby! I can't believe she got her head caught in the fence. Well, wait, yeah...yes, I can believe that. She may be the sweetest dog in the world, but definitely not the brightest. =)
I like my dogs just like my men: big and dumb...

She looks gorgeous once she has been groomed, though. Give my girl a big hug from me!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow that last picture and caption is so funny! Thanks for the laughs. :-)

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