Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It is the song...

...that never ends...and it goes on and on my friends...

Jonathan and I both have one really annoying trait. (Yes, I know I have more, but this is one we have in common). We sing. All the time. To ourselves (mostly me singing), when I'm mad (mostly him singing) and to each other.

Mind you, we are awful singers. Terrible singers. Awfully terrible singers.

Most of the songs we sing are to other tunes where we make up our own words. The most popular tune on the She and Ski singlists? You are my sunshine.

Last week, when we were driving home from dinner at the Tahoma Valley golf course, I rolled down the window and impressed everyone on the main drag of Rainier with my vocal stylings. All three people. They heard "the song that never ends", "Henry the 8th" and a tribute to Stella's favorite "whistle tips" on YouTube.

I'm lucky that we weren't followed home by an angry mob.

Thanks to Movin 92.5, I head down memory lane in my now two-hour round trip commute each day. And get to travel too. :) Among the songs that I remember most from different stages in my life...

Forever Young • Alphaville
The quintessential song from 8th grade at St. Charles.

Friends in Low Places • Garth Brooks
Brown Eyed Girl • Van Morrison
The Stealing Home soundtrack
From every Natural Helpers retreat at Bellarmine. Every single one of them.

I Have Decided • Amy Grant
Bellarmine Encounter. Back in the day. When I was a junior.

I Will Not Take These Things For Granted • Toad the Wet Sprocket
Seriously, this was actually the song from my talk when I was on team as a senior. I have no idea why. Thank God that Christian music has progressed to the point that we don't need to 'find meaning' in secular music because there is no other good music.

If You Were Here • Thompson Twins
I loved this song. From "Sixteen Candles".

Everybody Wants to Rule the World • Tears For Fears
From "Real Genius". One of the best under-rated 80s movies, with Val Kilmer at his finest. I own it on DVD.

I'll Never Break Your Heart • Backstreet Boys
The college years. When my old roommate would bust out Cake for hours on end, I clung to my top 40. And yes, I saw the Boys in concert while I was in college. I also 'N Sync and Hanson. And Prince. And the first night I worked at Garden Botanika in Portland, I met Mary J. Blige's dancers who gave me front row seats to her concert the next night. Also playing that night? Notorious B.I.G., Usher and Junior Mafia. You could say I had less than impeccable taste in music back then. :)

Always Here With Me • Tony Melendez
My uncle Bill put this on a CD for all of us after Grandma Mauss passed away in 2001. It's one of my most favorite songs, and I used it on a retreat talk the following year. I couldn't find a CD anywhere with I googled him, found a phone number and called it. Had the best conversation with Tony's wife and they prayed for us on that retreat. Tony is simply amazing - born without arms, he learned to play the guitar with his feet - the "toe picker". He played for JPII back in the day, and wrote "My Dear Young Friends" about JPII for World Youth Day 2002.

Stuck in a Moment • U2
From the St. Charles Spring Retreat in 2002. This randomly played on the iTunes when the Estrogen Militia was down last weekend...lots of memories from that spring, especially that retreat. Most notably, Elisa and a few other girls flooding the bathroom before the retreat even began. We really had an awesome team on that retreat - the best of the EM and a few others thrown into the mix.

More Than You'll Ever Know • Watermark
From retreats with St. Andrew's. The theme song of Vickie, Michael G and me.

Without the Pain • Mark Mallett
A Catholic country singer. Best of all worlds. It's one of Jonathan and my favorites.

What am I missing from back in the day? :)


Vickie said...

How about "Everything I Own" by Bread... Yes I know it is reminiscent of past boys, but it also brings back fond memories of us driving your parents nuts listening to it 18,000 times between Eastern Oregon and home... "I would give everything I own, give up my life, my heart, my home... Just to have you back again..."

Anonymous said...

"In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel from the movie "Say Anything." John Cusack holding the BIG 10's boombox over his head is my favorite scene.....I even have the poster over my desk right now! I watched that movie every Saturday night for a year with two of my friends from All Saints School during junior high years! oh, and email me Mrs Sprouffske.......Love ya, Mrs Keifer

Anonymous said...

oops, that was supposed to be BIG 80's boombox, not 10's - Kat

Ashley McLean said...

"Always Be My Baby" Mariah Carey
I remember blasting this and singing at the top of our lungs in your convertable with my friend, Chelsea, and her brother, Blaine, in Black Butte, Oregon. Such a great memory!

Congratulations on your wedding! You looked beautiful : ) Hope all is well!

Ashley McLean

Anonymous said...

If you're here is OMD not Thompson Twins. I am a huge 80's music freak and had to correct you I'm sorry, Robin

Jonathan said...

Sorry Robin, it's the Thompson Twins. I think you are refering to "If you leave" by OMD.

You have just been out 80's-ed.

Elizabeth Ann said...

of course if would so very much better if your links to the actua songs were WORKING!

shelley said...

liz...if would so very much better if your grammar made sense! :)

links fixed...grr on itunes!

go enjoy little snippets of my world. for 30 seconds, anyway! ha!

Elizabeth Ann said...

it is just that I am just such a fast typer that my fingers cannot possibly keep up with my thoughts...
wait.... that made no sense what-so-ever.
OK, so, thanks for the I can sing along....


Anonymous said...

George Michael "Faith"... duh!!! :)

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