Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a well of wishes

just in time for valentine's day... ♥

one of my very favorite keepsakes from the wedding...our 'guest book'. not wanting to make people wait in a god-awful line to get into the reception, we opted to have a well-wish table, where people could fill out little cards for us - with their best wit, wishes and wisdom.

after the wedding, gallucci's boxed up two dinners for us, and with two slices of our wedding cake, we headed to the silver cloud inn. we had the best time unwinding after the wedding - eating a whole meal all at one time together - and going through the cards.

i loved seeing what messages people left for us...good stuff, indeed.

from my dad's best friend, gary, and his wife, linda:
love takes care of almost everything. forgiveness, understanding, and kindness takes care of most of the rest. the grace, belief and redemption of christ, which you embrace so beautifully, takes care of all - in both good and trying times. love is hard to find, harder to keep, but is it the best thing there is - use it wisely.

from one of jonathan's colleagues, chuck:
never have the same fight twice, life is too short.

from my aunt darcy:
wishing you years and years of laughter and good tears. always say 'i love you', always say 'i'm sorry', and everyday, laugh together.

from jonathan's friend, linda:
never go to bed mad at each other, and never ever throw a water balloon at your wife.

from john, husband of kate, as advice to jonathan:
always get the last words: "yes dear!"

from margaret, the amazing harpist and my friend:
'if it looks fun, and doesn't break the ten commandments, do it!' - attributed to john paul ii.

from one of jonathan's colleagues, avelin:
increase your vocabulary...
just don't do it!

from randy, husband of robin, our wedding coordinator extraordinaire as advice to jonathan:
just remember that shelley is always right, no matter what. follow this rule and life will be grand!

from anonymous (big surprise!):
jonathan: remember, you are the head of the house and your word is final.

from paul, son-in-law of mama g, as advice to jonathan:
just say "yes". always.

from chris, one of jonathan's teachers from rainier:
always make sure to talk with your child's teacher before yelling at them, the teacher might have colored in the wrong box and it really is an A- like your child says, and not a C- like the report card says. (a real life story in which Jonathan was lectured by his father for almost an hour before their parent-teacher conference began).

and advice from those who have loved throughout the years...

from my relay sister debbie and bruce:
not that we're competitive or anything, but we've been married longer - 29+ years! xoxo

from jonathan's former co-worker and mentor sydney:
the list is just too long! we just celebrated 30 years together. if i had one thing to say, it would be forgive each other!

from jonathan's classmate at seattle u betsy:
my advice, lots of kisses! kiss goodbye in the morning, and kiss hello when you get home. it worked for my parents - they've been married 35 years.

from mark and peggy, my neighbors growing up in gig harbor:
we wish you the same joy 40 years from now that you are experiencing we do married 39 1/2 years ago.

from steve and sue, longtime family friends of mine:
after 40 years, we are still working on our marriage. after kids, life changes and no there is us. we have always been committed and stuck together through hard times!

from marlene and john, family friends of mine, as advice given to jonathan:
marlene and i were married 40 years in march 2006! my advice for staying married is simple:
1. marry a wise woman
2. do what she says
you can argue about why you should not have done it afterwards.

from bob and joyce, who we relay for life with each year:
after 42 years of marriage, we want to share this: never go to bed angry at each other. love and respect each other unconditionally.

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Anonymous said...

My husband's a gem. Really.

Happy Valentine's Day to the Sprouffskes!

xoxoxo -- Kate

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