Sunday, February 10, 2008

something old, something new...

from the wedding...

something old • my mom's pearls
given to her by my dad. a beautiful set that she received for her anniversary years ago.

alternate something old • my pink blanky
surprisingly, this was one of the details that i was most excited about...and i can't find a photo anywhere! i have had a pink blanky, ratted and torn for 22 years. my dad hates it (as does my husband). i always told dad i would walk down the aisle with it...and when i told sandy about my idea, she not only repaired all of the giant holes in it, but she cut a 8 inch by 2 inch section out, crocheted a white border for it, and i had it to tuck into my bouquet to walk down the aisle. i showed it to dad just before we walked down the aisle. it was perfect. :)

something new • my flip flops, with swarovski crystals
anyone who knows me is unsurprised by my wedding day attire for my feet. after receiving a custom purple pair as a birthday gift at this year's relay for life, i knew just what i wanted for the wedding day. jaunty jill's, an online retailer, hand designs custom havaianas to be "your custom crystal solemate" perfect is that? the colors in the swarovskis: siam, smoke topaz, crystal, and white opal. super comfortable and wore them all the way to rarotonga.

something borrowed • the ring bearer's pillow
a game time clutch play from mike and kristine. when we realized we didn't have a ring bearer pillow (at about 9 am on the wedding day), kristine found the pillow from their wedding, and brought it down to the hotel as we dressed. doesn't ian, our ring bearer, look great with it? :)

something blue • the garter
handmade by stella, one of my maids of honor. she made a chocolate and cabernet keepsake one, and a blue one to toss. she also tricked out my veil with a custom design. seriously, she is incredibly talented, and i loved that she did these for me. ♥


Anonymous said...

I love this! The blanket thing is childhood thing would take some major work to hide into the wedding snuggles bear! :)
Always happy to read ur blog! :)

Unknown said...

my aunt is just tickled you used the pillow she made! =)
love you, sister!

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