Saturday, February 9, 2008

T • G • I • S

thank god it's saturday.

a little snippet into my world this week...
    jumped right back into photography after the hiatus for the wedding and honeymoon. three shoots this week - four possibly, depending on how the newest newborn is feeling today at one day old. received my newest baby...a canon 16-35 2.8 l ii lens...and i am seriously itching to try it out. ordered and updated all of the marketing pieces (seriously, can't believe how fun paper shipments are to receive in the mail. evidently, i am a product of the e-world, and crave snail mail!) i'm editing like mad this morning to get the shoots edited and up on the blog.
  • ash wednesday
    evidently, my call for this lent is to humility...after trying to explain for several minutes after mass that i was not, in fact, my brother's eight and a half months pregnant wife. and here i thought she was telling me i looked good for losing nearly 15 pounds since the wedding! jonathan and i are using the 'fasting from our clutter for lent' from last week's bulletin - which, coupled with father corapi's lenten dvd series, should be a great way to prepare for easter. cannot wait for jonathan to hear father corapi's stuff.
  • my house has a new tenant...
    thanks to my incredibly fabulous second family, the brownrices, (no longer neighbors) my cousin ben started moving into my house in the north end. when we arrived with a full load of stuff to move in, the entire house was spotless and arranged for him to just move right in...they just wanted him to feel at home. and seriously, people who live on 33rd in the north end are the luckiest ducks in the world. please keep him in your prayers as he and his dog, swiss, get settled in. he is such a great guy and i'm so glad that he's there.
  • inspired by kate's post on home delivery of yummy organic-ness, i signed us up to receive wilcox's organic dairy delivered to the house. the very next day...wilcox announced that they were closing their dairy operations in roy. just my luck! thankfully, the company that delivers will be continuing service and using other dairies. seriously, feels like i am back at home, growing up in the harbor, with the milk deliveries. there is something so yummy about opening up the milkbox on the porch and finding goodies inside!
  • looking forward to catching up with table 10 tonight at st. martin's...and welcoming my aunt sue, uncle tim, and brandon (junior groomsman extraordinaire) down to the farm tomorrow. yea!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what you were going to do with your old place. That's awesome your cousin is living there! :) How are you guys?!

Miss Alice said...

Hey Shelly, I was looking at these great pics and thought you would enjoy them so here ya go :D

~ Alice

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