Monday, February 4, 2008

grumpy gus

jonathan left the house today, for the first time since last tuesday.

it was what you'd call a 'growing experience' for us as newlyweds. he was grumpy. i was grumpy. he was finally getting over his flu, and i was exhausted. if it isn't the dysentery on the honeymoon, it's the biohazard in the living room also known as the kleenex mountain.

by last night, we were both ready for the fresh start that monday morning would bring. we missed several really fun events this weekend (table 10! there's nothing like a night with table 10!) and want to be 100% asap. so glad to be getting back into a 'normal routine' much as we've established in the last five weeks.

thankfully, early this morning, erwin emailed us a link to our wedding photos online...a perfectly timed gift to us! we've sat - me in the kitchen on my computer, him in the leather chair on his laptop - looking through photos, laughing through a day that feels like it's ages ago.

good stuff, indeed.


Anonymous said...

So when do we get to see the link??? I can't wait to see photos! ~ Kat

shelley said...

i'll email it to you! there's a really cute one of you in there!! :)

Unknown said...

i love that picture of you two!

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