Thursday, February 14, 2008

not allowed

when trying to register my early valentine's day gift...a webkinz sitting on top of the bed that jonathan actually made for me...this happened during the online registration:

the screen says: first name?
i type "shelley"
the webkinz adoption agency says: i'm sorry, your first name contains a word that we do not allow. please try again.

oh hell!

and for the record, they allow "shelalicious", but not "shelley". jonathan's webkinz beagle is named snowcap, in honor of the beverage being consumed at the time of adoption, and my webkinz dalmatian is named candy, in honor of jonathan's favorite dog, a dalmatian named candy.

and guess what biography was assigned by webkinz for candy?
hi, i'm candy. we're going to have so much fun together! my friends say that i am a joker, playful and an amazing singer. i think taking pictures is the best! i'm best friends with a golden lion. i really like the taste of pancakes, and i'd really really like a how-to-draw webkinz book.

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