Saturday, February 16, 2008

of long weekends and random findings

loving the start of the three day weekend.

i had a photo shoot this morning in eatonville - and found my way through yelm, mckenna, and to the eatonville cutoff road. starting to feel less like a visitor, and more like a resident. good stuff. (the photo above is from a pond in eatonville.)

jonathan and i have been cleaning stuff out - a little each day. this morning, jonathan found a letter written by his dad, dated may 8, 1985, after he returned from a five-week-long trip to europe. jonathan would be just over 3 years old at the time larry wrote the letter.

one of my favorite excerpts...

I am finally unpacked and Jonathan is relaxing. When they met us at the airport, he grabbed me around the neck and wouldn't let go. Had to ride home with him attached to my neck. Got home and put him to bed, he insisted i lay down with him, and he put his arms around my neck and finally fell asleep...

...We were late getting into SeaTac, so Mary, Jonathan, and Dad went to the restaurant to wait. Every time Jonathan saw a plane, he would say "is that my Papa's?" and Mary would tell him "no, it is someone else." After a while, in a very loud voice, he said, "My Papa not coming home, he crashed." Mary said the restaurant got suddenly very quiet so she said in a voice just as loud, "no, Papa's plane is just late". She said some people looked very relieved.

really looking forward to crab feed tonight for the fire department jonathan's going to start volunteering at (since rainier fire commissioners cannot volunteer in the same department they oversee). can't wait to see the brownrices tomorrow when they come down. everyone needs a little (or a lot!) brownrice now and then!

for now...back to editing photos. three shoots to catch up on - so check finian road: the blog for the updates!

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