Monday, February 18, 2008

bovine crossing

when we headed back down to the house from uncle jerry and aunt sandi's took a little longer than normal.

liz and i used to be spooked early in the morning in the north end by raccoons and deer...and now it's the cows on the farm.

i wish you could have seen jonathan on the side of the drive, trying to coax the cow off the road. it was priceless. especially when he started saying the phrases that he used to say when he was little and the cows got out. when i asked him what they meant...he didn't know. he just remembers that the cows used to do what he said when he said them.

life is good.


Jonathan said...

Hey, it got the cow to mooo-ve didn't it.

Elizabeth Ann said...

I am very curious just how those phrases sound. Perhaps we will get a reinactment next time we go down to the farm....

Love the cow photo.

Maybe next time you can WALK to and from aunt sandi and uncle jerry's with your NIKEPLUS so that you can start trying tolog some decent milage!

Anonymous said...

COW ! does this cow give chocolate milk?? looks like this cow is better equipped to give a great T-Bone..

Jonathan said...

Yep, it's a "T-Bone" cow.

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