Thursday, January 10, 2008

home sweet home...almost

after travelling for almost 20 hours, we finally arrived home from the honeymoon. i think my suitcase is still in los angeles, but since the brownrices invited us over for a super yummy 'welcome home' dinner, i don't really care where it is. it just means there's less to unpack at the house in rainier! :)

right now, everyone's sleeping...jonathan's on the sofa, maggie's on her bed, and viper's sound asleep behind my back on the chair in my yellow room.

we're planning to move my 'vitals' (read: all of my computer and camera equipment) to rainier tomorrow - which means that this is unofficially, my last night in my home. well, my house. my home, our home, is full of boxes and gifts and generally just full. jonathan and i are a little afraid to go see waiting a night for my suitcase isn't such a bad thing.

moving the rest of the stuff will probably come next weekend, after we've unpacked the house a bit in rainier this weekend.

the honeymoon was wonderful - in a 'clark griswold meets the third world tropics' sort of way... :) we had a blast - but wished for more sunshine. just one freaking day of sunshine out of ten days south of the equator!! trust me, it's a post for another day. but we loved the time together - but are glad to be home. lots of pics and a super fun quiz to test your guesses on our check back once i'm up and running on the farm!

and finally...some wedding photos!! :)
  • from our incredible photographer • erwin wijanto, assisted by bill cawley. absolutely amazing. jonathan and i can't stop looking through them. so much fun to see all the moments they captured. cannot wait to see the rest.
  • lots of photos from our family and friends •
    we loved reading blog posts on the slower-than-molasses internet link on the island, but it gave us just a taste of what everyone experienced on our wedding day. if you haven't seen them yet, here's a sampling... stella (here, here, and here), the brownrices (here and here), kili (here and my fave of my and my dad here)

and i realize that we are not yet done with the bridal party those are to come as well.

how can it be mid-january already?!?

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kilipohi said...

I am so glad that you loved the pic. I enjoyed it too. Your photographer did a nice job of capturing some fun images at the reception.
Although I must say, your blog is blowing up my blog. It was so crazy to see

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