Friday, January 11, 2008

everything old is new again

seriously, i am nuts.

we travelled 20 hours yesterday in planes, airports and automobiles, came home to hundreds of unopened emails, cards, and letters (with a good chunk of that fairly called "junk"), and are getting ready to head down to rainier in the morning to unpack, and i cannot sleep. haven't gone to bed yet.

at all.

i'm not even remotely tired. it isn't caffeine - there isn't a drop of it in me. i haven't had any pop since we left on our honeymoon on december 30th.

i think it's a little like christmas morning. the anticipation (though you'd think i wouldn't appreciate christmas morning anticipation since mike and i were famous for unwrapping gifts ahead of time or finding them hidden before they were even wrapped), the wonder of 'what it will be'...

we're starting our lives in a new (for me) place together. lots to clean out, go through, and make our own. this is my last night here in my house, and i can't sleep at all. i tried a few times to go to sleep, including one really fun (more for me, less for jonathan) idea i had: trying to get maggie up onto the queen bed since viper was up there, and hey, it's the last night here, so it's not as if it will happen in rainier, right? we can all sleep as one big fam! :) either way, jonathan is sound asleep, maggie's on her bed, and viper's curled up behind his knees.

being together 24/7 in a third world country for ten days teaches you a lot. it teaches you that though you think you know really really don't. you learn that your husband carries on conversations in his sleep (and even dream argues with you!) and while you think he's awake - he is not.

it teaches you that you both have to be a bit creative about caring for each other when you both have fevers over 100 degrees (fahrenheit, thank god, not celsius! thank god i brought along a thermometer from home!).

it teaches you patience when you learn that the fevers come with other fun ailments that one never thinks will happen to you on your honeymoon. and then your husband learns all the songs to the humphrey b bear program (just to drive you crazy) on the australian network since you're both stuck inside and there's only one godforsaken television channel in rarotonga and humphrey is on. all. the. freaking. time. do you want to sing humphrey songs too? here's one, just for you!

but now we're back home. and it's like things are starting the 'rest of our lives' period.

and i'm excited - a little nervous about what to expect - but seriously, really excited.

and i can't sleep.

(but at least i was up when united airlines dropped off my bag at 4 am!)


kat said...

Shelley, The wedding was beautiful and the pictures definitely capture your day. I even brought out the old Irish Step Dancing for the first time in many many years to the tune of "Cotton Eyed Joe" at the reception. My favorite moment? Your self portrait on the way down the aisle. I just am so unbelievely happy for you and Jonathan, and look forward to a game night on the farm once you get settled in. I love you! ~Kat

Anonymous said...

heheh. This post reminds me of Kenny Chesney's tune "The Good Stuff"....

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