Sunday, January 13, 2008

scenes from rarotonga

sunset at the edgewater resort

the honeymoon...there was rain. there were storms. there was just one day of sunshine. just one. never take a moment for granted! :)

from our adventures...

at the top of a really steep, really muddy ascent in the land rovers...on safari with raro safari tours. the tour overall was great - though our driver, "mr. wahoo", was a complete tool. not only did i know more of the island history than he did (thanks to a sweet photo book that was in our villa), but he seriously made up all kinds of stuff. the tour finished with an amazing barbeque on the beach - with fresh swordfish (called broadbill on the island), grilled bananas and papayas (called pawpaw), and island cole slaw. a little piece of heaven on earth.

it seriously poured for three hours of the four hour tour.

near the end, this gal on a motorcycle was tailgating like crazy. my overactive imagination had her coming up like a suicide bomber, but of course, the truth was much more normal. she was hiding from the rain in the shadow of the rover.

on the one morning of sunshine...we soaked it in. jonathan in our plunge pool of our villa. fresh mangoes grew off the vine alone the back wall of the pool.

from our champagne brunch that was served in the villa...island style mimosas (fresh papaya nectar and champagne). a lush coconut and chocolate cake with island liqueurs that jonathan loved. frittata and fruit and veggies.

jonathan on our motorcycle. islanders don't use helmets, and i learned how to acclimate. he's much more hopeful that i'll ride his motorcycle at home now... (though it's about 10x more powerful than the one on the island!)

at the saltwater cafe, which is also the halfway point on the island from avarua. amazing aussie-inspired food, though their hours were somewhat 'flexible'...we showed up at 2 pm for lunch and they were closed - even though their normal hours are until 4 pm. they "just didn't feel like cooking anymore today". ahhh, island time!

bananas outside the villa...

just outside the villa...the sunset over titikaveka. good stuff, indeed.

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