Sunday, November 11, 2007

a little r&r

sometimes, god just reminds you when it's time to slow down.

after a long 8 days of travel and work capped with a super fun night last night, i woke up this morning feeling terrible. it's probably a combination of exhaustion and one of the bugs floating around that everyone seems to have right now.

the rest of the fam is living it up on maui right now, and mom had used the same words when i talked to her the other night: "god was just telling me to slow down." she had been on a walk on kaanapali beach when she was hit by a skimboard. it sliced open her leg, and she had to get 17 stitches to close it back up. her favorite joy in the fall is the trip to hawaii - walking the beach in the morning and sitting poolside in the afternoon - alternating between reading in the sun and swimming in the ocean. since walking and swimming are things she's not allowed to do while she's's been a big challenge. (please keep her in your prayers for her healing!)

at least she is recuperating in one of her favorite places...and we both laughed when we thought of something much worse...

during the trip to maui in november 2002, dad caught the "cruise virus" on the flight down. it went through all of us there - even when we tried to quarantine the current sick person to their room. we nicknamed the suite with a new hawaiian name: the pukapupa suite. :) you honestly wanted to die during the first 12 hours you had it...and mom passed it to me on thanksgiving morning. mom and i stayed home that night instead of going out for thanksgiving dinner, watching nypd blue and drinking 7up. it was the grossest thing ever!

at least for mom now, it's not a combo of the virus and 17 stitches! :)

so i took it easy today. cancelled everything that was scheduled and slept and slept. there's lots that been going on to catch up on...but that will have to wait until i'm back to 100%...or at least 80%!

a few super fabulous things...
  • i think i met myself in 20 years when i was in salt lake city. :) the executive director of the utah region of the american cancer society was a blast...and she is her parish's lifeteen director! what a small world!
  • on the flight back from salt lake, i sat next to a renowned mormon author and speaker, who specializes in marriage and family life (and wrote this book for couples preparing for marriage). he was flying up for the night to speak at a time out for couples at the greater tacoma convention center. as one might imagine, we had some very interesting conversations on the way home. :)
  • speaking of marriage, marie sent me this great link that i loved reading through today. what good couples do right
  • the super fabulous skills of sandy, who fixed my black dress in time for last night's gala (photos to come) in olympia...thank you!! ♥

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