Wednesday, November 7, 2007

good things

the 2004 leadership team (plus a few)
relay for life of tacoma

it's like riding a bike. after a long hiatus where marlow and i have only worked on small projects together (with our big project being the 2004 relay - where we are the yellers in the top middle, above), we're heading to salt lake city, utah for a targeted project.

you say you never forget how to do it. it's simply a good thing. he and michael g have two of my most influential mentors in the world of public speaking - and to be able to present with either of them is always a blast.

in honor of the good thing's a few of my favorite good things from the week:
  • sweet potato fries with banana ketchup
    heaven in each bite - thank you, room service in saskatchewan! you opened my eyes to a whole new world!
  • securing two major peeps for the wedding
    the day of event coordinator and the hospitality team director. :) those who know me will understand why delegating these two pieces are so incredibly important. but there are 2 fabulous women who are all is good!
  • already receiving 24.88% of the response cards back for the wedding
    but we're not counting...yeah, right! the prince and i have a big bet going right now...and we both think we're going to win. details to be posted later.
  • the brownrices
    for so many reasons. for early morning runs and chats. for fixing garbage disposals. for helping life remain as normal as possible when things seem crazy. for keeping viper and maggie happy.
  • that i will be in salt lake on friday when this is happening
    oh, the joy of not having to deal with "shut down downtown tacoma!" so much for peaceful protests.
  • my last travel-related relay project
    before the end of the year. after i get home, everything switches gears - to the holidays, photography finishing up before the wedding season begins, the end of the year for work, and the wedding. relay picks back up in february when we kick off our team.
  • the 2007 holiday card designs
    seriously, aren't they cute? :) here's a wee sampling...but anything is possible! early birds get the worm on this one...
  • super cute bowling extravaganza invites
    the invites for the big family celebration for the night before the wedding arrived...and they are perfect for that night! it's quite possible that i was doing the running man in my front living room tonight because of it...
  • finally...jonathan winning last night in his election for fire commissioner
    clearly, i did not follow through on my promise to start a write-in campaign for myself against him. otherwise...he might be congratulating me. :)

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