Monday, November 12, 2007

the president's gala

let's take a moment to celebrate table 10 - the last full table of the evening!
left to right, top: john, kate, courtney, danny, michelle
bottom row: yours truly, sandra, the prince, and brent

hard to believe that seven weeks from last saturday night, this whole group will be dolled up for another celebration... :)

i love this gang. a great group of peeps (including kate, below, who was one of the original people who encouraged jonathan and i to meet). most are involved with st. martin's - and it's these fine celebrations that bring us together.

it should be noted that it is simply a coincidence that most of the wine bottles are in front of me -- since they are all cabernet and chardonnay - chances are high that they're not all mine! kate and i pined away for just one bottle of riesling. just one. but none were to be found.

and a big thanks to sandra for bringing her camera - since i left mine at the house...

kate and john

danny and court

and my super fabulous fiance and i - with our award winning faces


Elizabeth Ann said...

I was wondering about all those wine bottles........ in fact, it was the first thing I noticed! :)

Unknown said...

Oh, yes, a fun, fun night. Table 10 rocks! Let's do it again some time ...

Noreen said...

Look how beautiful you all are! And this is many bottles of wine into the night and everyone is still holding up. Way to rock it. I told Kate that I was sure you would have your camera with you. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous!!!

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