Monday, October 29, 2007

of toilet paper and functional bouquets

the scene last saturday night, out at the house in the harbor. kristine and mike threw a shower for jonathan and me, with hosted out at mom and dad's. a mix of family and friends from all stages of my life - and jonathan got to hear stories from all of my awkward and amusing ages and stages.

kristine put together some hysterical games - the first (above) where everyone divided into teams of 5 and had to decorate a bride. Check out the good looking brides above! (from left to right: eddie (husband of crystal), my aunt sue, eric (husband of my god-sister jen), joan, ben, and jonathan, who claims he should have won the competition because he was the only one who "had a functional bouquet".

the top contenders:

eddie, complete with grapes over the ear

the first place winner: eric

and i love this shot of jonathan with my maids of honor - how can you not love that "take one for the team" attitude?

some fabulous gifts including my sentimental favorite...the daily missal from my confirmation sponsor, monica - that she was given on the day she was confirmed. she passed away earlier this year from cancer, and her daughter, robin, gave it to us for our family.

it was a good thing the world series was going on behind us as we were opening presents - it kept the guys (and crystal!) happy. :)

to mike and kristine, mom and dad, thank you for bringing together everyone to meet jonathan. we had a blast. less than nine weeks to go!

for a few more photos...
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1 comment:

Kris said...

I got my own brush again. I feel priviledged, not only because you let me touch your camera, but to be part of this special time in your life.
Jonathan - you were robbed of top bride honors!
Congrats to both of you on the upcoming nuptuals!

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