Saturday, October 27, 2007

a saturday giggle

received this in my email yesterday...and loved it. :)

heading out this morning to the relay university for the greater puget sound...teaching two workshops before meeting up with the prince for a couples' bridal shower tonight.

good stuff.

edited to add...
what's even cooler about the coincidence of posting the above cartoon while heading out to an american cancer society event?

marisa marchetto, the cartoonist, is a cancer survivor who fights cancer with cartoons.

excerpted from the above link...

Marisa Marchetto has always led a glamorous life. She's a celebrated cartoonist and she's touring the country with Estee Lauder and actress Elizabeth Hurley, raising funds for breast cancer research. But her personal cancer ordeal wasn't glamorous at all.

In her graphic novel, "Cancer Vixen," she captures how she felt the day she was diagnosed in the form of a knock-knock joke with the grim reaper.

"It was, 'Knock knock.' 'Who's there?' 'Cancer.' 'Cancer who?' 'Cancer your wedding, cancer your life.' And I realized that's exactly how I felt," said Marchetto.

Her editor at Glamour Magazine asked her to chronicle her battle through a series of cartoons. "It was like creative visualization in a way. It was mind over matter. It was me overcoming and kicking cancer's butt. And doing it in really great shoes."

good stuff, all the way around. :)

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Noreen said...

Hey Shelley! Look at me keeping up on your life with your blog!!! Isn't that the way of the world? I love this!

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