Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a special creepy spidery greeting

from our creepy, crawly four legged family to yours...
happy halloween!

it should be noted that jonathan, on principle, doesn't allow maggie to dress up in clothes, costumes, or anything remotely anthropomorphic. if he would have allowed it, this would be a joint halloween card from both dogs. as such, we are not married yet, so she is not fully my dog. but come this time next year, expect to see his dog in a giant frilly tutu in seahawks colors. with pompoms. and ribbons in her hair. with glitter.

so for the time being, i will need to be content with the joy of watching maggie chase viper around and picking her up by the spider abdomen. it is super funny.

one more...austin's very cool pumpkin carving that said "boo!" it's my fault for not shooting it earlier before the crazy northwest weather morphed it a bit! :) but it still rocks and is glowing on my front porch!


foxmulder said...

Who was with you when you bought that costume? I question their taste.

shelley said...

i do too.

oh wait - it was this really tall korean gal. you might know her?

"i think she asian!"
-as said by the happy chinese restaurant server to stella

Anonymous said...

As always, Viper is quite the fashion plate.

Happy Belated Halloween too!

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