Thursday, November 1, 2007

time does not stand still

for anyone, least of all me.

sorry for the light blogging this week - getting ready to leave for canada in the morning. it's 10 pm, and i haven't packed yet. good thing jonathan's not here to see me - he would be going nuts at my 'pack six hours before the flight' style.

the week's been an emotional one. the highlights?

relay for life
last week, i found out that team merrill lynch was the #17 team in the nation for 2007 - out of about 250,000 teams. how sweet is that? want to know something sweeter? in 2008, merrill lynch will have it's first year as a national corporate team - meaning my firm's committed to having a minimum of 50 teams across the nation. seriously, it brought tears to my eyes. coupled with the 2006 corporate giving campaign i was involved in, where merrill lynch gave more than $5 million nationwide...the single, most successful employee giving campaign in the society's history, we are definitely bullish on the cure.

life is good
i've been a blog stalker on this blog (life is good: hosted by rick and doreen) since i met their twin daughters in a workshop in reno, and they spoke about their parents - both diagnosed with cancer. amy and angie are my age - with 2 exceptional reasons to relay. i finally met their mom, doreen, face to face in the parking lot before last week's relay u. seriously - an amazing woman. she was in the first workshop i taught that day, and she shared a bit of her now-famous "i danced with ellen" story. (if you haven't read the story - you should. all of my relay peeps who i asked to write in at amy's worked! within 4 days! gotta love that!) anyway, it wasn't until doreen's keynote at lunch that i started crying...and i am not a crying-in-public kind of gal. there's an entire post that will come from that crying...but that will be in a few weeks...when things calm down a bit. the words that she said were ones that i needed to hear, that i had been struggling with in the midst of wedding planning and those jonathan and i have lost to cancer. doreen, thank you. you have no idea how much your words impacted me that day. you inspire me to fight back.

lung cancer awareness month
inspired by doreen's november focus on lung cancer, i added a link on the sidebar directly to the bonnie j. addario lung cancer foundation. you cannot know enough about this killer...take a few moments to read up. it will be time well spent.

now...for a few pics from the week...

mass with father raftis
we met father at seattle u on sunday morning, where he said mass just for us in one of the small chapels on campus. jonathan and i are so blessed to have two holy, super fabulous priests involved with our wedding. father raftis has been guiding us through the sacramental prep - most recently, having us read through the catechism on marriage. it was just what he and i needed.

and yea for self-portraits!!

isn't this the scariest cookie monster you've ever seen? this is ian, also known as the ringbearer in our wedding. he came over trick or treating the other night, and he and jared (his little brother) were so ridiculously cute! especially when he told us "if you are going to have kids, you need toys at your house. you should have them now to get ready."

the official "meet the dress" appointment
stella, liz and i met up at the elegant bride today, to try on my wedding dress. no photos to be made public yet...but know that in my dress, it is possible to do the karate kid pose on one leg, the running man, and the butter churner. guess who will be tearing it up on the dance floor? i can't wait for mom to go with me to the first round of alterations. yea!!

the "after meeting the dress celebratory lemon drops"
each time jonathan and i pass a milestone in wedding planning, we head to happy hour at farrelli's. today was no exception...the three of us toasted and dined on the finest of happy hour treats.

stella being stella
this face is one of the reasons that she is #1 on the list of people that michael g never wants to piss off. i don't even remember what she was going off on...but this face just makes me happy.

and the final musing of the evening...

power yoga
liz and i went to power yoga tonight at the y. words can't really describe the experience... beyond the fact that when she told us to "extend our knees through our armpits" and i looked over at one gal who was wrapped up all like a cozy little pretzel...i just wanted to set the whole place on fire. it was fun, but exhausting.'s off to work, pack, watch grey's, and go to sleep. it's amazingly quiet here without tweedledee and tweedledum, who are down in rainier with jonathan. they aren't here to beg, chase each other through the house, or spill diet coke all over me. it's a quiet, happy little night...and all is good.


Elizabeth Ann said...

I will attempt to extend my knees through my armpits with you anytime.... just as long as I can send you my strength! :) (It was strenth, wasn't it? Or maybe it was engery.... or maybe power. I don't know, I think all those downward dogs sent too much blood to my head!)

foxmulder said...

Heh heh, you look nekked in that one pic.

Elizabeth Ann said...

she was nekked, wasn't she?

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