Wednesday, August 22, 2007

oh, to be chocolatey

the second round of dress shopping took place...with becky, crystal, liz, and paige...

first of all, i love david's bridal in southcenter. i have been there three times (once for mike and kristine's wedding) and they are so helpful and nice. just makes you happy to shop there.

(this is in stark comparison to david's bridal in tacoma, where i can't print on a pg-rated blog my thoughts about their lack of customer service and people skills. but that's a post for another day!)

we were on the hunt for 3 dresses...and it was an adventure. it was liz's first day out without her 'walking cast' and crystal gave becky the 101 on dress shopping. paige was a super fabulous helper (especially when liz loaded her down with dresses to hold) and i can't wait to see what liz selects to wear.

for those of you who know becky - seeing her in a foo foo dress is an image you rarely (if ever) see! to prove it happened...see becky and crystal below...don't they look beautiful?

and now it's down to two dresses still to select - kristine's dress and mom's dress. there were some amazing dresses for kristine - who will be carrying 7-month-old-in-the-womb baby mauss - and i can't wait to see what she thinks! and mom and i might be able to find her dress this's hoping!

tomorrow is our six month anniversary of dating and just over 4 months to the wedding...and jonathan and i will be joined by mom, dad, mike and kristine for our first round of dance lessons. wouldn't you pay to be a fly on a wall? :)


Elizabeth Ann said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for only posting that photo of me from all the ones you took- especially the ones I posed for!!!! :)

foxmulder said...

Who invited you? And can I teach your family the hustle?

Unknown said...

Dude. Becky. In a dress. Wow. And, of course, she looks fabulous. And Crystal looks sooooo familiar to me. Fun times. ; )

shelley said...

liz, don't get too excited. your bridesmaid's profile hasn't hit the internet yet. ;)

Unknown said...

i need to get on the dress thing! maybe i'm just nervous about how big i'll be =0 haha...i'm going to go this saturday b/c i'll be heading up the southcenter already!

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