Sunday, July 1, 2007

a whole lotta love...

22 days. 3 weddings. 3 couples who i love. 3 weddings that i have the honor of capturing. while i don't normally blog my photography work here (it's usually found here), i really want to share how blessed i feel to be part of their big day.

marie + mark
shown with the bubbles above. marie is the first of the estrogen militia to get married. what do i love about her? her thoughtfulness. her caring and loving heart. mark brought two beautiful kids to their marriage, and she was constantly focusing on how to blend their family into one. when father tom added vows for the kids just after marie and mark's - there wasn't a dry eye in the could see her touch everywhere.

one of the reasons why she amazes me? how she is always thinking of others. on her wedding day, as i was shooting the girls getting ready at victorian gardens, i had jonathan's 4runner, and of course, had parked in the wrong spot. she moved it for me, and while she was in there, she wrote the most beautiful letter to jonathan...about how happy she was for him...for us...and how lucky he is. she stashed it in his glove box for him to find. upon him finding it a few days later, i couldn't stop crying at how much she and mark have taught me about love and life. thank you, marie and mark. you are a blessing to me (and now to us) in so many ways.

it should be noted that mark and marie, as well as art and kristina, met on catholic match. speaking of...

art + kristina
shown below, just after their wedding mass last saturday. just before this, there was a lot of "we're married! we're married!" with goofy faces and jumping up and down and skipping and laughing.

wouldn't expect anything else from them. if there were ever a perfect yin to a yang, it is the two of them. art is so talented - he even composed the processional to which kristina entered the church. i can't wait for you to see the photos of them before the wedding - where kristina and art are at the piano, and he is playing her song - looking right into her eyes.

they teach me about loving every moment of life - finding joy in everything - and holding out hope that the right one is there for you...if your eyes are open and your heart is patient.

andrew + kat
this coming weekend, on 7/7/7. i can't wait to visit st. andrew's again - it feels like it's been ages since i've been there. andrew and kat inspire me with their love for one another - their patience as they have prepared for marriage as andrew entered rcia, as he proposed just after her annulment was complete...and as they seek to live their lives fully through their faith.

kat was there the night jonathan proposed to me...and has been a faithful prayer support throughout our dating. she always seems to send me a note when i need it most. i feel so blessed to have served with her in youth ministry for even a short period of time -- and i can't wait to see what's ahead for their family as life comes.

to each of you, marie and mark, art and kristina, kat and andrew...thank you for inviting me to be part of your day in such a significant way. while you are living one of the most important days of your life, i hope you love what i see through my lens. i can't wait to show you your day. photos to come soon!! :)

i love you!


Anonymous said...

does that mean you can't make it to see Kenny this saturday.... Hope you still get to see him!

shelley said...

i won't be nearly as close as you are..miss claudine! :) but yes, there will be weddings and kenny all rolled up into one on saturday!

Anonymous said...

that's good, I was worried you may have to put work over Kenny.... :) See you there!

kat said...

Shelley! You made me cry! The closer it gets the more girlie I become. Not such a bad thing I guess. I am so happy that you will be there for Andrew and I this Saturday. You mean the world to us! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I hope you realize that you have made it so that I can't have any other photographer but you!! You truly have a gift from God. Let's double date soon!!

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