Tuesday, July 3, 2007

peace + quiet

on one of jonathan's rare days of bar study with no homework or essays due the next day, we snuck out to mom and dad's for a long overdue day of peace and quiet. it was the first day this summer that we relaxed and played with the dogs (all four of them!) and read and slept and swam and went in the boat.

maggie, the former anti-water dog, jumped in the bay with andy and gina, and swam around. viper waded in and ran back out - creating my favorite 'chicken legs look' where she's all fluffy on top and wet, skinny legs on bottom. and then she jumps in all the way...and goes crazy trying to dry off.

the dogs got along - which was heaven. took it easy before studying tomorrow (for jonathan) and editing photos (for me) and heading off to ft. lewis tonight for mike's show for the freedom fair. loving summer and the break.

this is bliss.

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