Friday, June 29, 2007

the six month countdown

it's hard to believe that six months from today, jonathan and i will be getting married!

in true type-a fashion for both of us, we are off and running with the wedding planning. here's what's been crossed off the to-do list of the 'big items':
  • the date: december 29th
  • the location: st. charles borromeo catholic church
  • the reception site: union station
    picked because of chihuly's amazing glass art inside (for me) and because it is a federal courthouse (for him)
  • the dress: you'll just have to wait and see...but it's designed by maggie sottero
  • the caterer: gallucci's catering
    thanks to a tip from michael g, who is our own personal wedding planner :)
  • the wedding party: though not everyone knows that will be announced shortly. but they are really, really cool. and we love them. and the ones that already know are listed on our wedding site. jonathan's taking his sweet ass time asking, so it might be awhile before the full list is up.
  • the colors: chocolate and cabernet
    and contrary to jonathan's vision - it will not look like a ups truck with all the brown :) the gals in the wedding party will all look fabulous though! you'll notice, now, that our wedding website has been recolored to match! :)

things left to do in the next little while:

  • finish the asks for the wedding party and those in the wedding mass
  • get the 'save the dates' out to those far, far away
  • finish our registries
    my biggest mistake was in giving jonathan the passwords to the registries online. it seems like every time i pull them up, they are different. my favorite was when he added a full line of tangerine colored dishes for us. you'll also find an xbox on them as well. and four whiskey decanters. i guess he figures if my brother wanted 3 fondue pots, he can have 4 decanters. :) never mind studying for the bar...he's now turned into a registry groomzilla!

cool things that i really love:

  • the knot's checklists. i love checking things off and moving to the next ones. the knot has really been an invaluable tool - because i can access all the info from wherever i am logged onto the internet.
  • waking up to european and italian bridal magazines on my front porch. thanks, lindsay, for the inspiration and thinking of me while you were in italy!
  • lemon drop slides. how happy was i when mom found the perfect person to carve one for the reception? ahh...lemon.
  • the david's bridal make-a-match separates for the bridal party (well, at least the gals in the bridal party). it's seriously addictive. so glad that everyone gets to choose what they want to wear...

the cheat sheet to our quiz on our wedding website (since it's been up awhile, and i keep getting emails for the answers!)

  1. maggie and viper
  2. all of the above
  3. 20 combined years of catholic school education (spanning 21 years. go figure.)
  4. president's day - in a coloring contest at spiros
  5. rainier - jonathan is just as stubborn as shelley
  6. paved roads

so that being said, we're starting to get advice about what to do, what not to do from all kinds of you have any to share? what's your best advice about the wedding day? about marriage in general? the most important things? the least important things?

we'd love to hear it. ♥


Anonymous said...

My advice, and we've been married for 5 years: I don't know how high-strung of a bride you'll be with the details but really, if something goes wrong no one will care and it won't matter to you a week after the wedding. I heard that a million times while we were engaged, didn't believe it for a minute, and then once we got married I was all: "Was it really worth all the stress to make sure the flowers matched x, y, and z? Nope." You're just going to be so freakin' happy to be married to each other that that is the only thing that will matter. Really.

Oh, and don't be like me and sleep through your honeymoon. I was so exhausted afterwards that we should have waited a week before leaving. I was tired and crabby and wasn't myself until the day before we came home. Not fun. Plus we didn't live together beforehand so we had a lot of getting used to to do, and here I was all sleepy and cranky. Bryan gets full credit for riding it out and knowing the real me would return eventually!!!


Enjoy every minute of this together. It's a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Any time you want to talk weddings, let me know!!!

Randy, Robin, Tyler and Tanner said...

Do you have a photographer yet. I know being one you can't take your own. My sister Rebecca is now working for a photographer and will be on her own as of August.Just an Fyi. Also any help you call me and I will help you-Robin

shelley said...

i've been thinking of setting up a tripod with a timer...ha ha! that's really been one of the hardest decisions yet - since a number of good friends are photogs! :) who's rebecca working for?

and sam...i love it. your advice was timed perfectly. ♥

andrea said...

the brown will be lovely!

advice? just always be nice to each other. most times we are crankiest with the people we love and save the politeness for complete strangers. go figure?!

have a wonderful time planning and remember i owe you BIG time for the hours of paper cutting, gluesticking and general bridezilla-ness of making invitations! so lemme know!

Anonymous said...

You know how I feel about the brown! ; )

My main piece of advice is to remember that the wedding is one day, the marriage is a lifetime.

As for the wedding, soak in as much of it as you can; the day will be kind of overwhelming. I took a lot of mental pictures.

Make sure you eat something in the morning, and make sure you eat at your reception. I know too many couples who never got to enjoy the food at their reception!

As for marriage, have fun. Talk, talk, talk. Listen, listen, listen. Go on dates. Don't go to bed mad. Fight fair. Be silly. Pray together.

Marriage is a fun ride and a wonderful blessing.

Let me know if you need any help in the next six months!

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