Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1 Day Down, 2 to go

Whew, just got back to the hotel, and I must be hanging out with Shelley too much, because my checklist looked like this.
  • Upload Exams to the Washington State Bar Association (No Stella this is not the Association of Bartenders)
  • Text Shelley to let her know I'm alive
  • Check Email to make sure Exams uploaded properly
  • Try and surprise Shelley by actually blogging

So yeah, Shelley beat me too it, and if anyone paid attention the care package below you know that Shelley is definitely attempting to win a Fiancee of the year award. In fact I had to show off the package to some friends and they all thought she ordered it, she should really market them next year.

As for the exam it is crazy, I'll bring my camera phone tomorrow to take a picture of the setup. It's crazy there is like 32 rows and about 26 columns, so you figure close to 850 people in an event center all with their laptops typing like crazy.

It's also kind of weird that this is the first I've seen many of my friends from law school, yet we can't be happy for this Reunion, instead we are brought together by the great tragedy that is the bar exam. I feel like one of those people that laments at a funeral that, "it shouldn't take something like this to get us all together."

Each section is 2 hours and 15 minutes long and covers 3 essay questions. I felt pretty good about the first six, but I think the last 3 kicked my butt. Today we were surprised to find the questions covered, Criminal Procedure, Property(2 of those buggers), Family Law and Community Property, Secured Transactions, Sales/UCC Article 2, Evidence, Constitutional Law, and Contracts. Overall though, it's not as bad as I think, and I really do believe that the exam is totally doable. Thank you all for your support and encouragement I couldn't do it without all of your understanding and support, and I promise the fun Jonathan will return once this test is over.

My bets for tomorrow are 2 Civil Procedure Questions, 2 Torts Questions, a Landlord-Tenant Question, a Criminal Law Questions, and a few more from the grab bag of law.

Tune in tomorrow for perhaps a picture or two and further analysis before I start the Professional Responsibility/Ethics Section.


shelley said...

congrats, babe, on a successful first day! just a little over 24 hours to go before it's all done!

Unknown said...

you have all our prayers, jonathon!

Elizabeth Ann said...

We miss you Jonathan! The street seems so empty knowing that you are not laying on the couch, windows open, typing away on your laptop, telling the neighbors to go away and leave you alone! :)

You know you are in our thoughts and prayers!

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