Thursday, July 26, 2007

our engagement shoot

my favorite shot by erwin...where i'm stealing jonathan's brains.

on the sunday following the hottest days of the year, we headed up to gas works in jeans with chocolate and cabernet tops. imagine how excited jonathan was...when the mercury hit 85+ in our dark jeans! he was a great sport - though i couldn't talk him into heading into the lake with our clothes on. there's always hope for the wedding shoot! :)

speaking of, everyone keeps asking who is going to shoot our wedding -- and that's been one of the toughest decisions yet! michael g would be a natural choice - except for that he's blessing us with his voice - singing in the wedding Mass and mc'ing the reception. i think i have a plan in mind though, but if all else fails, i'll just set up a tripod and carry the remote with me throughout the wedding. just kidding!

there are several wonderfully talented people i'm thinking when it's decided, i'll let you know! :)

anyway, onto the pics...

erwin, who makes me laugh with his laugh, called this "shelley's signature laugh"....

and how can you not love someone who takes a self-portrait with you at the end of the shoot?!? that rocks!

thanks, erwin, for a great afternoon...i can't wait to start designing our invites! :)


Unknown said...

what awesome photos, sister! you guys are going to be so beautiful in your wedding =)

Elizabeth Ann said...

OK, OK, I accept. I will shoot your wedding for you. :)

Oh yeah, I am "officially" on one crutch now! And some hobbling around the house only with no assistive devices! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Those look so great! And yeah, he's right about your laugh:-)

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