Saturday, June 9, 2007

e-wedding bells

we've been engaged just over a week now...and since i love all things webby...why not release our wedding website? ;)


Anonymous said...

Shelley, you dont waste any time girl! love that about you!

Family of 4 said...

Shelly! I heard the good news! Congrats! You and Jonathan will be in my prayer.

Anna Doherty

Anonymous said...

I love the site! But I took the quiz and I want to know which ones I got wrong!

And dood, post a pic of the ring.

shelley said...

Thanks, guys! ♥

Sam, you crack me up!

Here's the cheat sheet for the answers...
1 - B
2 - D
3 - D
4 - B
5 - C
6 - D


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