Friday, June 8, 2007

some beautiful reading...

from mama g's blog...this is what makes your heart happy...

Heaven has another angel.

Mom crossed over and joined her many friends and relatives that have gone before her. She went peacefully drawing her last breath at 2am. We all gathered around mom and spent time with her. She was not picked up by the funeral home until 10:45am.

I will go into the more spiritual aspect of what happened in a later post. The most reassuring thing about the experience is that for the past two days, mom really had looked uncomfortable and very sick.

After she initially passed, about 30 minute later we noticed she began to look different. Prior to passing her mouth would not close no matter what we did.

Well after about an hour, moms color came back to her face, her mouth closed, and she had a smile on her face! She looked completely at peace. When the hospice nurse arrived, she said it was the most dramatic change she had seen in all her years of hospice, and she also said mom looked the most happy and at peace of anyone she had ever worked with.

We don’t mind phone calls, so don’t be hesitant to call if you feel like it. Or you can visit the new site we created for people to leave comments and share memories about mom. Some people are better at writing their feelings rather than speaking them.

Mom is suffering no more, and she is with our Lord. Praise God!

the funeral will be a week from monday at st. vinnie's in federal way...with a reception and celebration of life to follow.

there's a new site for her to leave behind stories and love for fort g (aka papa g) to read through. you should visit and sign the guestbook.

thank you, mama g, for the gift of your love and joy...your spirit will continue on through fort, michael and christine.

i love you. ♥


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Michele and I live in Chandler, Arizona. I found your website this morning and was immediately drawn to the post for "mama g". I don't normally leave comments for someone I don't know on their website, but I just felt the need to express my condolences to the family of Mama G. My mom has been in Hospice for 5 weeks now and your story really touched my heart. Mama G looked beautiful in the pictures posted and I am sure that beauty was reflected from the inside out. I have never seen my mother look so beautiful as now and I believe it is because she is so close to her journey home. When I look into her eyes, I feel like I can see straight to her soul. Thank you for sharing your story and I pray for God's peace to envelope your family during this difficult time. Sincerely, Michele

shelley said...

michele, thank you so much...what a beautiful reflection you shared. i am praying for your mom as well...for her peace and grace for your whole family. ♥

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