Sunday, June 10, 2007

the estrogen militia

a few years back, in the summer of 2003...lindsay was living in my house. after one of her long afternoons tanning on the trampoline in the backyard (such is the life of a teacher), we pondered the lack of cool catholic young adult groups that didn't involve creepy 40 year old guys hitting on young twentysomethings.

we came up with the idea to bring some of our favorite catholic gals together. most of us were involved in youth ministry in different parishes in the south sound - or knew each other through our respective college campus ministries.

since it was all girls and no boys and he was never invited - michael g dubbed us "the estrogen militia".

and they have been one of the biggest blessings in my life. we've been there for one another through job changes, breakups and new beginnings, job changes, backed each other up for high school retreats, moves (across the state and across the country), house fires, and stella's ever changing hair color.

it's hard to imagine life without them.

the face of the group has changed a bit over time - especially now that we are spread across thousands of miles. last friday night, we kicked off the summer season of all of us being in one place...where the rest of the gang met jonathan and had a big dinner together. we snuck down to ruston just after the sunset...because we are all a bunch of hams.

my two best friends...stella and vickie...

liz and lindsay under the street lamp...

and my 8 person self-portrait!

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