Monday, February 12, 2007

a bit of color.

samantha's journal is entitled "brought to you by the letter "c".

i was stumped and couldn't come up with anything. after all, the most important things in the world begin with "s", right? :)

inspired by today's muse who spurred the idea...just a simple layout of one of my favorite sunset images out at the house. sampled a few of the colors from the photo to create the blocks and spaced them over the page.

i'm getting pretty proficient at mailing the journal a day late. sorry, claudine!


Anonymous said...


Elizabeth Wickland said...

Oh WOW. Shelley, this is stunning!

shelley said...

thanks! i think i'm on a simple layout kick... :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous gorgeous Shelley!

Anonymous said...

awesome! the colors are fab! and I'm stumped by the letter C as well but you made a great choice!

Anonymous said...

Muah ha ha ha haha! I'm a stumper:-)

That is a fabulous idea and the photo is beautiful. And I get to keep it forever and ever!!!! Hooray!

I'm on a simple LO kick as well. Must be something in the water:-)

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